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call of service.





₿itcoin technology integrated in success with our services.


Contain what a personal or professional user need so as to collaborate with friends or a team.

Being either rookie to medium can, these service is perfect to be used as an 8-hours partner making progress, impression even a whole business tie.

  • Guide start with your blog in advance to grow it also.
  • Support any time you ask for.
  • Free transfer your existing blog posts.
  • Wordpress self hosted or other way's to blog.

How we do it & what to expect more

Face fresh ideas from concept to manage and deliver

in afforable way to work out but in very responsible situation to succeed.

Updated web technology knowledge.
Visual & audio design creative ideas.
Cross device responsive Html5 services.

As seen online connection partnerships.



web PLANs

Prices are an optional offer to save up your start.

*Websites can be given in any medium can work without hosting support.


Post your way

Starts at 180€ 
pay per Year


One time set up fee at 150 for new subscribers.

With your design.

SSL (Encryption).

Visibility over the internet.



Mobile friendly design.

Generus one webdisk.

1st year Free Hosting.

Unlimited bandwith.

Secure web mail access.


eCommerce ready

All basic features.

eCommerce set up.

Merchant set up.

Token web disk.

Up to 3 emails.

Advanced team up design scripts.

on demand

For unique user's

Up your need
  1. Consult guide support.
  2. Custom projects.
  3. From simple cloud to
    VPS hosting needs.

Are you a unique form?

"We say everyone is"


It help's you impact your media file archive, documents and any post modern output over the internet integrating social and many other tools to achieve your communication, point of sale & marketing goals.

Blogsite PLAN

A plan most personal or small business users can count to start their online activity having a website to represent them. Ask to add on cart so as to start sale online.

Basic PLAN

Recommended for users or business who had a previous online activity and manage sales online. With add to cart and buy now options to make available physical or digital goods through their website.

Premium PLAN

These is as unique as you, can start from simple on demand needs to bridge as seen online services and partnerships we keep in touch to your website or online project.

On demand PLAN

Open Post export modern.


An online creative LAB since the day's new media post to web, keep supporting brave new ideas. Plus Ath. do map the enviroment location where Mixmedia ATH start, as the town of Greece Athens but action base roll online via a communication management team, using also many traditional ways behance client side, who always deserve feed back indeed.


For every question, information or just to say "Hello".